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Sewing with Nana

Hi there!

These days are a bit crazy… just can’t believe it is already April! I need to step up a gear… or two! At the moment I have about a thousand unfinished designs lying around my desk, so I just need to stop coming up with new ideas and actually finish up some of the ones I already have! Will try to scan and post some of the sketches I’ve been working on very soon, see if that gets me started!



Today I had my second sewing class with my grandma! She is 93 and awesome! :) She was actually trained as tailoring teacher, so she’s amazing at explaining what is what and how to do about everything. And thankfully she have tones of patience!!! :) She has a lovely vintage sewing machine, pedal included. It’s the most beautiful thing, and works to perfection! That is the machine… because I turned out to be quite a masterful thread snapper! The good thing is that now I can truly say I know how to thread the old thing! :)

By the way, anyone’s seen this video? It is definitely not how I would decorate my home, but still think it’s quite amazing! Specially loving the bike and the neon signs (sadly I can’t say the same about those poor stuffed things…)

Love, Adri



Now that I finally have a whole month to give myself a head start with my portfolio and all the crafty projects that I’m dreaming of, I find myself getting sidetracked and lost in the fascinating world of the World Wide Web.

So today, before the damage done is too great, I’ve created my own “Control the Lazy Me Facts Book“.

The idea is that every day I should produce something worth keeping  for each area: Sketch, Design, Make and Blog. At the end of the day I rate my satisfaction on The Performance by circling one of the little numbers at the bottom right corner. And the SuperDay would be the one in which I manage to circle all the crosses and even do something extra!! Then, of course, I get a *  and 5 points :)!

If by the end of the month I’ve managed to add up over 52 (that’s allowing myself 7 days of top performance -4- and 8 days of an acceptable 3), I shall treat myself to something gooooood…! I would love to be able to afford a Fujifilm Instax Mini, but right now the money doesn’t stretch that far, so I’m thinking a gild free visit to the local craft shop instead? :)

The “Control the Lazy Me Facts Book” also has some space for my beloved To Do list. And to go with the Sketch Travel Diary that I’ve been keeping, I’ve also left some space to describe the day with a “It’s…” sentence so that I can remember in the future how I was feeling a particularly productive or unproductive day.

Well, now that I’ve put The Plan down in words, I am feeling quite geeky… hopefully it will work. And then it’s OK, because geeky but winner I can live with! ;)

Anyhow, that’s that for today…

… off to rate myself! ;)

Love, Adri