They are up! They are up!!

The first batch of Sail Away (with me) is now available on my Etsy store! Yeyyyy!


And more tomorrow!

Salty Dreams!

Love, Adri


Can I hide in there?

Dear Future Studio,

It’s not even healthy envy, I want you to be like just like theirs:

Love, Adri

Easter Sundaying

Mmm… where did all that determination go?

I guess I got sidetracked with the smell of Easter chocolate… completely justified, right? :)

Good news is that the shop is finally ready to go, so Monday will be the happy reopening!! Yeyy!

A sneaky peak! This is one of my favorite necklaces, I’m absolutely in love with the little purse, it was one lucky thrifting find!


Anyway, hope you are having a lovely break!

Easter Sunday always was my favorite day. In the early morning I would run to the kitchen door to find that the Easter Bunny had left me loads of chocolate eggs spread throughout the garden. There would always be a basket worth of them, so every year we ended up eating chocolate eggs till May! These days there are no egg hunts, but we still indulged ourselves with some melted chocolate for breakfast! Mmm… chocolate…!

I wanted to post a cute bunny picture to end the post, but instead I found this:


Ha! Love it!

Happy Easter End!

Love, Adri

With no end on sight…

Mmm… still working…

But now I’m starting to feel less glamorous and more like this:



Anyway, the holidays are here! :)
Happy Easter to you!!

Love, Adri

Enough is enough


Ok. It’s super-hard-working time. I’m determined to get my Etsy store ready for tomorrow. :)


Love, Adri

Sail Away

So finally I managed to upload it! And guess what? It was super-simple with the video option from Flickr! Dah!

Anyway, a couple of days ago I had the brilliant idea of “quickly” putting together a little stop motion video to go with my new accessories collection.

Well, the idea was good. But the quickly part was indeed very wrong! 30 seconds took me more than 8 hours of fidgeting!

The little boat is the pieces “side-kick” in the product pictures, but I thought it was too cute not to have its own moment of fame! :) So I took about 16 pics of it and then added the frame and clouds on Ps. I animated it with iMovie (what a complicated program!) and I opened Garage Band for the first time to add some music. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? But it wasn’t quite so! Finding royalty free music was specially tricky, so I ended up using the complimentary tunes that come with Apple’s software.

The little video doesn’t quite flow and is by no means perfect, but I’m pleased enough with it…

And I guess the experience has given me a new respect for all the people that make podcasts and video tutorials. I was unaware of how much work it must go onto them!!

By the way, Evergreen Wraps has great video tutorials on how to wrap your packages furoshiki style! :)

Off to write some Etsy descriptions!

Till then!

Love, Adri

Special offer: Secret gnome-greeting

Yesterday I spoke with the lovely Grandma Anna from Grandma and The Gnome, and she had this great idea:

“Secret gnome-greetings!”

As a special offer just go to their Etsy store and choose the one you like, then email Grandma Anna and tell her what address you want the postcard mailed to and the personal message you want the Gnome to add on the back. And then just wait for that lucky someone to get a nice surprise in their mail box – No paper trail too!

How good is that? I think I will have to give a hint about it to Stanley… :P


By the way, I know that I never posted about my little project but I am having loads of trouble trying to upload the video (yes, it’s a short stop motion video! :) Anyone knows an easy way to upload videos to the blog? I’ve tried YouTube already but seems to have gotten lost in the upload cue… Arghh!!! :)

If I manage to sort it out I will share it with you later!

Have a lovely day!

Love, Adriana