Hi there!

Hello! My name is Adriana and I’m a Surface Designer based in London.
One of my earliest memories is sitting in my bedroom floor surrounded by hundreds of coloured pencils, scribbling away on paper, clothes, walls and anything that was unlucky enough to be within reach.
Somewhere along the line I traded the pens for an Apple laptop. Now I spend my waking hours taking pictures, hunting down images and cutting and pasting pixels, before applying them onto paper, clothes, walls and anything lucky enough to be within reach!
You can see more of my designs in here:
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So… that would be me!

My name is Adriana. I’m from Barcelona, used to live in London and right now I’m what you would call homeless, while I travel the Americas with my lovely fiance.

I have a degree in advertising and a postgrad in surface design. These days I spend my time decorating china sets, designing textiles and dreaming of a lovely and messy studio that I probably won’t be able to afford when I get back home.

This little blog is dedicated to all things lovely that tickle me. Hope they inspire you too! 

Love, Adri