Everything looks best with a ruffle

I have very exiting news! My lovely man has been building me a new online home! Just for me!

My new website will be up soon and will have space for my portfolio and obviously my blog, no more fights with wordpress!! Yeyyy!! :)

It is going to be a bit tricky in the beginning because I’m not the quickest at learning how to use new programs, but hopefully it will be running smoothly in no time… Anyway, this is still a few days away, so… on to today.

I’ve had another amazing sewing class at my gran’s. Today was zippers and ruffles. 4 for zippers… but 10 for ruffles! :) Can’t wait to apply them onto some project, actually, I think I will be making everything frilly from now on!

Here some pretty ruffly stuff!




(via we♥it)

Sorry about the image overload, but they were all so gorgeous…!! ;)

Love, Adri


4 responses to “Everything looks best with a ruffle

  1. i agree with you completely — i have my own love affair with ruffles.

    can’t wait to see your new cyber home.

  2. Nena, mu wai aquest post!! :) I les fotos k has posat són molt xules!!
    We can’t to your website!!!!

  3. volem veure la weeeeeeeeb!!!
    entre les idees del woody i la teva originalitat… ha de ser una super web! :)

  4. Hahahha! Anda calla! :P Pero ja quasi sta! D’aqui poc passo el nou link! ;) X

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