Playing catch up

I’ve been a bit of a blog-slag these last few days… Seems that I’ve been too busy with my “Perfect Housewife” scheme: sewing sessions, just my Privileg and me (slowly but steadily my seams are getting straighter, which is a source of great pleasure! ); sweets making with mum and then bread baking, which is awesome! It’s relatively easy and the smell of warm bread definitely pays off the effort!


Aside from my Stepford Wife training program, I’ve been working on a pattern design (the promised sneaky peak below) and planning some ceramic collaboration with my friend Andie. She’s a great fine artist and love her pieces, so can’t wait to see where our little project leads us! Will post with more details on it soon!


And in the meanwhile, here are a few things that I am loving today:

Girls with Glasses promo video.

cute, uh?

April’s edition of H magazine

And this song.

so beautiful…

Feww! That was a long post! Surely that makes up for a bit of my previous no shows, right?! ;)

Love, Adriana


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