Easter Sundaying

Mmm… where did all that determination go?

I guess I got sidetracked with the smell of Easter chocolate… completely justified, right? :)

Good news is that the shop is finally ready to go, so Monday will be the happy reopening!! Yeyy!

A sneaky peak! This is one of my favorite necklaces, I’m absolutely in love with the little purse, it was one lucky thrifting find!


Anyway, hope you are having a lovely break!

Easter Sunday always was my favorite day. In the early morning I would run to the kitchen door to find that the Easter Bunny had left me loads of chocolate eggs spread throughout the garden. There would always be a basket worth of them, so every year we ended up eating chocolate eggs till May! These days there are no egg hunts, but we still indulged ourselves with some melted chocolate for breakfast! Mmm… chocolate…!

I wanted to post a cute bunny picture to end the post, but instead I found this:


Ha! Love it!

Happy Easter End!

Love, Adri


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