Special offer: Secret gnome-greeting

Yesterday I spoke with the lovely Grandma Anna from Grandma and The Gnome, and she had this great idea:

“Secret gnome-greetings!”

As a special offer just go to their Etsy store and choose the one you like, then email Grandma Anna and tell her what address you want the postcard mailed to and the personal message you want the Gnome to add on the back. And then just wait for that lucky someone to get a nice surprise in their mail box – No paper trail too!

How good is that? I think I will have to give a hint about it to Stanley… :P


By the way, I know that I never posted about my little project but I am having loads of trouble trying to upload the video (yes, it’s a short stop motion video! :) Anyone knows an easy way to upload videos to the blog? I’ve tried YouTube already but seems to have gotten lost in the upload cue… Arghh!!! :)

If I manage to sort it out I will share it with you later!

Have a lovely day!

Love, Adriana


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