Sail Away

So finally I managed to upload it! And guess what? It was super-simple with the video option from Flickr! Dah!

Anyway, a couple of days ago I had the brilliant idea of “quickly” putting together a little stop motion video to go with my new accessories collection.

Well, the idea was good. But the quickly part was indeed very wrong! 30 seconds took me more than 8 hours of fidgeting!

The little boat is the pieces “side-kick” in the product pictures, but I thought it was too cute not to have its own moment of fame! :) So I took about 16 pics of it and then added the frame and clouds on Ps. I animated it with iMovie (what a complicated program!) and I opened Garage Band for the first time to add some music. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? But it wasn’t quite so! Finding royalty free music was specially tricky, so I ended up using the complimentary tunes that come with Apple’s software.

The little video doesn’t quite flow and is by no means perfect, but I’m pleased enough with it…

And I guess the experience has given me a new respect for all the people that make podcasts and video tutorials. I was unaware of how much work it must go onto them!!

By the way, Evergreen Wraps has great video tutorials on how to wrap your packages furoshiki style! :)

Off to write some Etsy descriptions!

Till then!

Love, Adri


2 responses to “Sail Away

  1. This is amazing!! you are soo crazy talented :) Im about to go check out your shop now!!!
    love love

  2. What a sweet little movie! Great job!!!

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