The one about what I’m up to

I’ve just realized it has been a while since I posted about what I am up to. Well, let’s remedy that at once.

I am reopening my Etsy store next week, with the accessories collection that I started putting together when in Buenos Aires. The theme? Think pearls, little ceramics and some cord… Here’s a clue!


Guessed it, right? ;)

All the pieces are now finished, and this past few days I’ve kept myself busy building light-boxes (well, just one) and taking hundreds of pics of necklaces & co. I always seem to forget how much time it goes into getting ready all the info bits… But now I just need to polish the descriptions and we are good to go! Me very very happy! :)

And on the meanwhile I did my first linocut! And I loved it! It is so much fun! If you would like to give it a go, Geninne’s blog has all the advice you need!


And finally I’ve also been drawing more girls for “The Perfect Scout” collection. I’m not quite sure yet what is it going to go on, I’m torn between ceramics and stationary at the moment… Any ideas?


Well, and that’s that for today!

Happy Friday Eve! ;)

Love, Adri


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