Pretty little table

I proudly introduce you to (drum-roll, please)… My Crafty Little Corner!


And now a tiny tour:

I’ve slept in this room my whole life, but last week we moved the bed to a smaller room and the remodeling began. Each of us got two walls to make with them whatever we pleased. We also divided the furniture: Stanley got the study table and drawers; I got the cupboard and an old foldable kitchen table. It is a quite battered piece of furniture but I just love it: when extended it is massive and it will fit all of my crafty mess!

In an effort to keep the order longer than four days, I’ve labeled every single drawer, box and shelf with what’s supposed to hold. Will report on its success or failure in a few days! ;)

And I finally got round to organizing my design books and, minus the ones still in storage in the UK, I have most of them under control. When I get a moment I will have to repaint those shelves, I hate that pine green! But that will come later… Underneath them, my brightest idea: a repurposed cd tower (mp3 won the battle around here) to hold wrapping paper and ribbons! Love having everything within reach!

And that’s that. Well, I couldn’t possibly forget the two most valuable pieces of the room: my great companions! :)


Well, now that the lack of space is no longer an excuse, I better get going with the working business…

Till later!

Love, Adriana


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