Back & Ready

Hi there!

So we are back.

Well, we’ve been back for quite some time now, but between all the overdue sleeping hours and the adjusting back to normal life I’ve managed to loose track of time and forget my little blog.

But now I’m really back.

We arrived exhausted but really happy, with the idea of taking some days off to do absolutely nothing. But that didn’t work out. The first morning back we had the wise idea rearranging our old rooms to create a little studio space to work in. Before unpacking, of course. It seemed such a brilliant idea at the time… But I assure you, after the fourth day sorting old socks, lost buttons and half used notebooks it was quite clear that it wasn’t such an inspired idea after all!

After much moaning, today I threw away the last bag of obsolete junk and now I’m the proud owner of an old kitchen table that will be my shinny new studio! Great things will happen in there! I can feel it… :) When I finish up decorating it tomorrow I will post some pics of it.

For now, one of the true reasons why it took me forever to sort everything:


I found a long lost 3D sticker set behind a cupboard. And after that lucky find, I obviously had to take the afternoon off to make use of them… Completely justified, right? ;)

Sleep tight

Love, Adriana


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