#4: 3 pretty things I saw…

I saw many lovely things along the way, all shapes and colours, but these were the most unexpected:

1. Pretty San Antonio train station


2. Pretty Camp Jolly, Christmas decorations in The Woodlands


3. Pretty cuckoo clock collection in Old Town Springs.


And also unexpected: all belong to Texas! :)

Hope you have a lovely week filled with pretty things! ;) 

Love, Adri


2 responses to “#4: 3 pretty things I saw…

  1. el muntatge de llumetes és a ca la germana del woody? stic flipant!
    quina passada, no?? hihi! :D

    PD. 3 dies… i restant!!! :)

  2. No, era la casa d’uns veints! Flipant eh? S’ho prenen ben en serio! I despres tot el barri es passeja per davant de la casa per admirar l’obra d’art (passeja en sentit figurat, clar, que a Texas no es fa res sense el 4×4!) T’imagines fer lo mateix a Sabadell? Plans pel teu balco? ;)

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