#8: 3 recipes to keep

If I had pick one thing that has been consistently good throughout the whole trip, the answer would come easily: food! (oh! happy me…!)

There has been so many amazing meals, from Claire’s great home cooked food, to incredibly tender meat in Brazil, to squeezed-on-the-spot  juices in Guatemala and amazing oyster po boys in New Orleans (who would have guessed I would digg that?!). So, believe me, picking up the top three wasn’t easy task!

After much deliveration, here are my 3 recipes to keep (click on the name for the recipe):

1. Argentinean Dulce de Leche


Sweetened milk that can be eaten with toast or as a sweet sauce for ice creams and the sorts. And if this doesn’t satisfy your sweet cravings, here’s my favorite: stuffed in churros! Amazing!

2. New Orleans’ Muffuletta

The biggest, craziest, tastiest sandwich I ever had! It features pretty much every ingredient in your fridge.

3. Chilean Empanadas


Empanadas make the perfect snack, and that picture in particular makes me want to go have a picnic and stuff myself!… Anyway, you can fill them pretty much with anything, ham and cheese, meat, chicken, cheese and onion… or even make them sweet. And they are really easy to make, I gave it a go with outstanding results, which is a first!

Bon appetite! ;)

Love, Adriana


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