#10: The 3 Greatest Cities

In ten days we shall be at home: eating mum’s delicious chicken soup, stroking the doggies and sleeping in our cozy bed!! I just can’t wait!

But I still can’t believe this journey is almost over… We left London when the Christmas lights where still new and exiting, and with the blink of an eye three months went by!

To count down the days till this adventure is over, and to remember all the amazing things we’ve seen, I will post a daily Greatest 3s of the last 3 months list.

So, without further ado, starting out with number 10, The 3 Greatest Cities:

1. New Orleans

I never thought I would be saying this, but New York found its match. Vibrant, arty and architectonically stunning, the music pours out of every corner mixed with the delicious smell of food and coffee. Nola has everything I need from life!

2. Buenos Aires

For it’s vibe. For the people drinking mate in the parks, the friends in coffee shops and the people meeting in the streets milongas to dance tango. For all those, Buenos Aires is the most sociable and friendly city I’ve ever been.

3. Austin.

How could the city of “Keep it  Weird” not be in my top three? Loved its indie feel and the uniqueness of its shops. Plus, nothing beats bar hopping while listening to live music in 6th Street!

10 and counting…

Sleep tight! ;)

Love, Adriana


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