The Book Diary

Hi there!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

I’ve spend much of this past two days trying to put some order on my computer (heavens know it needed some sorting). Quite boring really… but on the plus side, I got myself a new little project!

A Book Diary! Yes, I know, not the most novel idea, but a first for me!

I love reading, but I always end up forgetting which books I read a while ago. So I’m going to keep track of them by drawing simple sketches at the end of each month. Then I can see how I’m doing and have a helping hand when remembering which book to recommend! :)

So far I’m not doing so good… January got me stuck on easy reading and February was just poor!  What can I say, I have a soft spot for vampires ever since I was a kid: I would save up every pocket money to buy all of “The Little Vampire” books! :)

Anyway, I shall up my game in March! :)

And for some amazing book cover designs, the ones by Jim Tierney!

Till next month! ;)

Love, Adri


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