The Notebook Days

*Warning! Sob story ahead!* :)

When I was a kid I loooooooooved drawing and colouring above all games, so when I was about nine or ten I asked to go to an after school art class. The teacher turned out to be a middle aged lady, quite fond of rules and only interested in painting still life. I don’t need to tell you that my little self wasn’t a fan of rules, even less applied to making pretty pictures, so you can imagine the dramas that unfolded every week in that classroom. Needless to say, I didn’t last long in Mrs. Restrictions class.

But my early encounter with composition and proportion left me slightly traumatized, and as a result I stopped drawing at all.*Sob*. Until a month ago.

What started as a Sketch Travel Journal soon turned into random little illustrations of my daily discoveries and bits of inspiration. I’ve been posting them over at Flickr, but for some reason never mentioned in here. Well, those days are over.

Here, the not very skilled Notebook Days:

If you want to see the rest of the set, they are over here.

Happy Wednesday evening! ;)

Love, Adri


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