Good evening!

How was that Tuesday? I must admit tuesdays are always my least favorite day of the week: the weekend relaxation has long gone and the next weekend feels miles away. But today was quite a successful day, so I shall give Tuesday a break.

I’m working on some patterns for interiors (and maybe stationary) based on our travels, and today I put together moodboards both for Brazil and The States. I have had to create them digitally because there’s no printer in the flat; plus I would have to carry them all the way back to Barcelona, which is not very practical… so sadly there was no cut and paste fun times for me. Anyway, below the results:

I know, quite bussy… but what can I do if that’s how my mind looks? :) Hopefully they will be the base for loads of interesting patterns! I already have a couple on mind but I still need to sit down and start photoshoping! :)

And now something completely different. I stumbled upon the amazing posters made by Travis Coburn for this year’s BAFTAs, yes… a tad late, but hey! Great work is atemporal, isn’t it? :)


Night night! 

Love, Adri


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