The literary endeavors of Wanama

Even though most of the time I forget about it, every now and then an advertising idea pops out of the nothingness and reminds me why I fell in love with advertising all those years ago, and why I enjoyed my time in University so much. The fact that the industry’s work environment wasn’t cut for me was a whole different story….

This time the spark in question came from the marketing strategy behind the Argentinean apparel brand Wanama. For four seasons in a row, Wanama has been inspiring their high street collection on a literary classic. First was Shakespeare’s Midnight Summer’s Dream, then Cervantes’ Don Quixote followed by Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. This season was the turn for the Arabian Nights.

Inspired on the classics, the clothes design, the colour scheme, the textures and the advertising campaign, all contribute in the modern retelling of the story.

To top it up, Wanama teamed up with Booket editorial, to create the Wanama Library: together with each new collection, the editorial brings out a paperback limited edition of the chosen novel, stylized in par with the clothing line. Advertising and culture all in one. Brilliant!

I guess that some may say the idea cheapens the literary piece. Advertising always produces that reaction to those who feel passionate and protective about a particular subject. But for me, even obsessed as I am with books, this is the most inspired idea I’ve heard in a while! 

Love, Adri


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