… in Barcelona

I love Argentina. I really do. But their electricity sucks. As plain as that.

First we got stuck in a hotel lift in Mendoza, thanks to a citywide power cut in the middle of the day; and now the electricity of the flat has disappeared, just like that, with no apparent reason. And obviously that had to happen on Saturday evening, so no solution will be on sight until at least Monday morning. Oh the joy of it!

But on the “bright” side, there’s something really romantic about reading by candle light! :)

Anyway! In an exercise of good planning and excellent forethought, I’m revamping the look of the Etsy store ahead of us getting back to Europe. The first step was changing my location. It’s so weird: Jeez Vanilla! is now located in Barcelona… Hope the local post lives up to the challenge! Sadly for me Correos is not quite the same as good old Royal Mail… :P

And now that Jeez Vanilla is going to be a Spainsh shop, I figured I should write a post about Etsy stores from Barcelona.

So, this is it: good stuff coming from the catalan coast!

Renata by Sandra Suy
Only you can make me happy by Dumbo
The Tattooed Man by Amor and Stitch
Tardor by Gemma Quevedo

Till then! 

Love, Adri

P.S. Click on the image to see it bigger.


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