On Books and Bookstores

The Ateneo Grand Splendid has to be the best bookstore in the world! No question. I mean, how cool is this!?!?

As we entered the building we both draw our breaths! We are a pair of suckers for bookstores but this one is in a whole new level! Plus they have armchairs around the balconies for you to pick up a book and read it. Not even browse it. Proper read it! I think my idea of heaven must be quite close to that place! :)

But the truth is that I haven’t been reading much lately, it seems that I never manage to find enough hours to do all the designing and crafting I want to get done! But all those thousands of books got me motivated again, and I’ve already written my Book Waiting List. Top 4:

I can’t wait to read the third volume of the Wicked Years, ever since I read Wicked I fell in love with Maguire’s skill to surprise you with what you thought you already knew. / The “Immortal Vengeance” is more a marketing tool than a book, but it’s still great fun. An Argentinean soda company (or the ad agency behind it, better said) came up with the novel idea of creating a website for people to send messages to their ex’s, under the slogan: “Cut with the sweetness”. This is the compilation of the most inspired messages. / “A confederacy of Dunces” is next on the list because is set in New Orleans, and ever since being in the city I’ve developed quite an obsession for it (and because I still remember Stanley laughing out loud on his own while reading it!). / And finally the Chaplin book is a beautifuly designed scrapbook/biography of the actor. I randomly rediscovered his early stuff a couple of days ago and I realized I don’t know nearly enough about him, so the slightly steep spending on this book would be clearly justified! :)

Anyway, off to bed! Maybe off to read?! ;)

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. 

Love, Adri

P.S. I’m a looser. I actually googled “best library in the world” and acordingly to the Guardian newspaper, the Ateneo is the second best, after the one in Maastricht. Mmm…! Will have to see about that!! ;)


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