To my darling future studio,

Dear little studio,

You don’t know me yet (and I’m afraid we will still have to wait a wee bit longer to be able to meet), but I dream about you every day and I am constantly on the lookout for any tiny detail that would make you happy. As you are all the time on my mind, I thought I should let you know how will you be, give you a little heads up, so to speak.

I am assuming you will have 4 walls… well, let me tell you that one of them will be chalk painted, so you can capture every single idea that crosses my mind and maybe one day be as pretty as this one


and one other will be covered in clip boards, to hold ever changing mood boards and inspirational bits and pieces (the one over at Smile and Wave studio is pretty neat, so maybe you will look like it a bit).


And because I’m an unstoppable hoarder, you will need to have loads of storage space, like…

this bookshelf

lots of these

and obviously some of these.

And then, there’s obviously the piece of resistance. A pretty lamp just like this one!


I already love you lamp!

Oh well, my darling future studio, this is enough information for today! Really looking forward to meeting you! 

Love, Adriana


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