Hats & Brooches

Back after a sugary weekend, filled with hearts and cupcakes? :)

Stanley & me don’t celebrate Valentine’s (much better a rose for a book on Sant Jordi’s day!) but yesterday we treated ourselves to a trip to San Telmo’s sunday market and got some great thrifting done! To have some fun we gave ourselves a budget of 35 pesos (about $10) to buy a little something for each other. I found a nice brown fedora for Stanley’s alarmingly fast growing collection of hats :)

And he got me this amazing vintage brooch, made with a hand coloured picture of a young man. The families that could afford to get their picture taken would turn them into such things to be able to show them off. Isn’t it lovely?! :)

And here some of the amazing decorative art that you find in the streets of Buenos Aires. The fileteado porteño is a decorative art used in walls, signs, buses and pretty much any surface available and they carry anything from commercial slogans to popular sayings. I must admit that before coming here I was completely ignorant of it, but I’ve just fallen in love with it!

Let’s admit it: I am obsessed with bright colours, and there’s only South America to blame for it! :)

Good night, dream of colourful adventures!

Love, Adri


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