Crafty shopping spree

Back in form after a hammering headache beat me yesterday evening, I can only say: “Long live Paracetamol!” :)

Before I went down though, I managed to finish up my entry for the Spring Surface Pattern contest over at Tigerprint.

Bright, uh?  It will be part of the “Travelling Patterns” collection I’m working on, together with some other geometrical patterns. Will show you more as I get going!

And now moving on to today! The day started like any other Friday, Stanley going to Spanish class and me fighting with the covers to wake up. It was so sunny and warm outside that I decided to walk with him to the tube and go have an innocent morning coffee in one of the lovely cafeterias around. Till here everything ok. But at some point, after having that coffee and leisurely stroling back home, something got to me and the day turned into a crazy craft shopping spree! I didn’t mean to…! Honestly! :) Anyway, it was fun! Here my new goodies:

I love the little Gardel’s. I think they are going to be brooches, maybe together with the purple cloth? Oh! The possibilities!! :)

The wood figurines are the Argentinean part of the collection I’ve been keeping during this trip: I’ve bought a charm or something worth turning into jewelery in every place we’ve been. It’s turning out to be quite a cute box!

The charms at the bottom are from Texas, the mini china set is from England and the wooden fruits from Guatemala. Cute, uh? If you want to know were are they from, the whole collection is over at Flickr.

And that’s that for the moment. Will be back later on with a little something for Valentine’s! ;)

Till then, good afternoon! 

Love, Adri


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