Bits & Bobs

And that was Wednesday! How was it for you?

Around here in Buenos Aires it has been a random day: very sunny in the morning, then threatened to rain just to finally clear out and be sunny again! My day has kind of followed the weather, with some interesting bits and some average bobs. And here for you 4 fun little discoveries.

1. Stickers & Donuts! New favourite (or at least up there on the top) lifestyle blog with lots of fun posts and some good crafty projects. Specially loving the “Unemployment Craft Projects”! Ha!

2. 9h Hotel. I oh! so need to go to Kyoto now! How fun does this luxury pod hotel look? Is based around the idea that when in transit you only need 9h in a hotel: “1 hour shower, 7 hours sleep, 1 hour rest/prep = 9h.”. The actual sleeping quarters are only 4 feet wide and 7 foot long, but hey-ho! everything needs to be tested at least once in life! Plus everything comes packaged in sleek japanese minimal design! :)


3. Cut-the-crap email solution. I’m actually the worst person I know for replying to emails (nope, not proud at all), so Stanley gave me the final solution today:

Event at risk of seeming the driest friend of the lot, I might give it a go… if it helps me press that “send” button I’ll do anything! :) By the way, there’s also  the 2, 3 and 4 sentences options, but I figured that might be pushing it…

4. How to use a semicolon by Oatmeal. I so needed this…


That’s that. Good night! 

Love, Adri


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