Love the Wall

I have spend the WHOLE day sorting my picture library. I always manage to take hundreds of photos, half of them similar to each other with the idea: “Well, if the first one didn’t come out like I thought, maybe the second will… or otherwise the third one! Third time lucky!” And even though I do end up with the picture just like I wanted it, I end up with mammoth sorting jobs! Oh well! Good is what good ends, and now all the pics I’ve been taking on the road are up and looking pretty.

On this trip I decided to choose a theme to photograph. And well, it was quite easy to pick one! The streets around here are full with awesome graffitis and amazing colorful murals. You’ve got to Love the Wall! :)

Gentleman from Cordoba Argentina

Butterflies in Viña del Mar Chile

Kissing in Mendoza Argentina

Madonna in Valparaiso Chile

The collection is still growing, but here are some of them! I just love the green mural with the speaking monster! :) And your favorite?

Love, Adri

Ps: Today I think I will give myself a 4! :P


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