Bus it!

Hi there!
On the bus from Dallas to Austin with a train ticket in my bag and writting on the iPhone (I’m loving technology these days! Weird!)
Dallas was nice enough, but I swear I’ve never been this cold! If today while walking down Pacific Avenue a penguin had skidded past me I don’t think I would have been all that surprised!… So when we were told that the train from Chicago wasn’t going to make it on time, I couldn’t but give a resigned sigh… I think it’s quite amusing how our memory of Texas will be one of a cold place!
Anyway, now is dark and there’s not much to see out of the window except from the big neon lights advertising petrol stations, restaurants and motels. And Oh! How great they are! I must admit this is what I love the most about Texas: their hand-painted-colourful-retro-looking signs! Will have to write a post about them soon!
Oh! We are getting there! So that’s that for today then!


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