Just back from the doctor’s with:

+ 1 piece of paper confirming that I’m to start 2010 with a “Yuck!-That-looks-awful”* Strep Throat and

– the $100 reserved for an upcoming shopping bonanza in American Apparel…

= Feeling just a teeny tiny bit blue… (at least the medicine pot has my name written across it! I’m definitely keeping it as a souvenir!!)

* actual words from the doctor’s mouth after sticking her otoscope in my ear!

So after this less than enjoyable day, this morning’s phone call from my lovely friends (all crammed up in a phone booth somewhere in Barcelona) to congratulate us on the engagement is definitely cheering me up! Thank you girls!! ♥ you!!

And just to go with today’s mood, this lovely and melancholic video from Crush Design via Poppytalk.

Adri X


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