Friday’s Awsome tutorials

Hi there!!

I admit, I have been quite rubish this week! I was doing so well with my daily posts and then this week came along and everything went wrong… will have to pick up the pace next week!

Anyway, after my recent crafty success (which by the way, I haven’t posted any pictures of yet…) I’ve got motivated and I’ve decided to hand craft as many X’mas presents as possible! I’ve browising the internet for inspiration and I found some amazing tutorials! Now I only need enough time to actually do them… Here are my favs:

Pink & Lovely Feather Wreath


Cute Memory game


Super Dupper Softies


and Stylish Braided Leather Headband


and eventhough this one is not really for a present,

how amazing is this wallpaper?!?!


Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to start with the crafty business!! Will report on progress!

This is it for the moment, off to celebrate Lisa’s 21th!

Happy Friday!

Adri X



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