Cables & Movies

Yesterday was quite a successful evening, after so much saying I finally got my ass in gear and started doing some Jeez Vanilla! stationary.

Still going with for the “crafty brown paper” style so I made some nice envelopes by gluing a brown paper band onto some plain white envelopes and then stamping them with the logo and my address. They definitely  still need some polishing (like a system to make all the bands fall in the same place) but I was quite pleased with the result!

I would love to post some pictures of them, but like always, I’ve lost the camera cables!! I clearly remember myself thinking: “Now, this is the last time I’m loosing these! From now on I will always put them in HERE because I’m fed up of loosing my afternoon because of it!” And yes, you guessed it right: the ‘here’ is a big blank void!

Anyway, instead I will post a list of my favorite movies! I prepared this image after seeing ‘(5oo) Days of Summer’ but I never got round to finishing it. So here it goes: my all time favs!


1. (500) Days of Summer

2. A Very Long Engagement

3. About a boy

4. Amelie

5. Juno

6. Waitress

7. The Fountain

8. The Illusionist

9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

And there’s only 9 because I couldn’t decide if number 10 was Before Sunrise or Before Sunset

… and for now, The Wedding Date on Channel 4 will do…

~ Night Night ~

Adri X!


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