Early Christmas, please?

I made a mistake.

I checked Urban Outfitters’ home & gifts department and now my Christmas Wish list is 6 items longer and £107 heavier! And considering that I won’t be getting presents this year, I’m a tad sad…  (I know, a three month trip around South America is present enough… but, how cute is the bunny tape meater?!)


1. Hand Sewing Machine

2. Tape Measure

3. Doughnut Box Storage

4. Placemat Set

5. Cuckoo Clock

6.  Hamburger Phone

On a brighter note, today is Guy Fawkes Night and we are going to town to see the Fireworks display and go to the Fun Fair!! Can’t wait to stuff myself with popcorn, candy floss and feel dizzy after the rides! I just love this festivity, I think it’s funny how more than 400 years on, the atempted act of treason is still remembered! I wonder if Guy ever expected his immortal fame…

Anyway, some trivia about the unsuccessful and unlucky Guy here, and while at it, why not try your hand at an origami Guy Fawkes mask…? (random, I know)


Adri X

ps: what a great moustache he had…!


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