The Usual Suspects


I’m going through a Mask-loving face at the moment… It started while planning the 25th Joined-Birthday Party a few weeks ago, and now I can’t seem to get enough of them! I’m sticking masks on my old pictures, on my sketches and planing on sewing one this weekend… Everything seems to look better with a mask these days! We made a set of portraits to hang on the venue on Saturday, will have to post them when I get a minute because they are so much fun!

Anyway, browsing through Etsy – one of my favorite and most dangerous (economically speaking) pass-times -,  I came across this illustration, named “Snow White and the Usual Suspects” by Badbird, and not only it features a lovely mask, but the title just made me smile! So had to share! Check out her shop, it has really lovely illustrations!


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