My new website is finally ready, so from Monday 17th May you can find me at

See you soon!

Love, Adri


23rd of April…

Today is Sant Jordi, which is about my favorite day of the year.
Books and roses? Oh! Yes, please! :)



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Will be back later with some real pics! :)

Have a lovely Friday!

Love, Adriana

Everything looks best with a ruffle

I have very exiting news! My lovely man has been building me a new online home! Just for me!

My new website will be up soon and will have space for my portfolio and obviously my blog, no more fights with wordpress!! Yeyyy!! :)

It is going to be a bit tricky in the beginning because I’m not the quickest at learning how to use new programs, but hopefully it will be running smoothly in no time… Anyway, this is still a few days away, so… on to today.

I’ve had another amazing sewing class at my gran’s. Today was zippers and ruffles. 4 for zippers… but 10 for ruffles! :) Can’t wait to apply them onto some project, actually, I think I will be making everything frilly from now on!

Here some pretty ruffly stuff!




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Sorry about the image overload, but they were all so gorgeous…!! ;)

Love, Adri

To one of the best ones on Earth…


★★★ Feliç Aniversari Nita Bu!!! ★★★

For a thousand happy many more!!!

Love – Love – Love You!


Love, Adri

Playing catch up

I’ve been a bit of a blog-slag these last few days… Seems that I’ve been too busy with my “Perfect Housewife” scheme: sewing sessions, just my Privileg and me (slowly but steadily my seams are getting straighter, which is a source of great pleasure! ); sweets making with mum and then bread baking, which is awesome! It’s relatively easy and the smell of warm bread definitely pays off the effort!


Aside from my Stepford Wife training program, I’ve been working on a pattern design (the promised sneaky peak below) and planning some ceramic collaboration with my friend Andie. She’s a great fine artist and love her pieces, so can’t wait to see where our little project leads us! Will post with more details on it soon!


And in the meanwhile, here are a few things that I am loving today:

Girls with Glasses promo video.

cute, uh?

April’s edition of H magazine

And this song.

so beautiful…

Feww! That was a long post! Surely that makes up for a bit of my previous no shows, right?! ;)

Love, Adriana

Alphabet Lights, please!

I could kill for one of these!


Why is UO so unfair to only sell it in the US?!?!

Sad tears from Barcelona…

Love, Adri

Sewing with Nana

Hi there!

These days are a bit crazy… just can’t believe it is already April! I need to step up a gear… or two! At the moment I have about a thousand unfinished designs lying around my desk, so I just need to stop coming up with new ideas and actually finish up some of the ones I already have! Will try to scan and post some of the sketches I’ve been working on very soon, see if that gets me started!



Today I had my second sewing class with my grandma! She is 93 and awesome! :) She was actually trained as tailoring teacher, so she’s amazing at explaining what is what and how to do about everything. And thankfully she have tones of patience!!! :) She has a lovely vintage sewing machine, pedal included. It’s the most beautiful thing, and works to perfection! That is the machine… because I turned out to be quite a masterful thread snapper! The good thing is that now I can truly say I know how to thread the old thing! :)

By the way, anyone’s seen this video? It is definitely not how I would decorate my home, but still think it’s quite amazing! Specially loving the bike and the neon signs (sadly I can’t say the same about those poor stuffed things…)

Love, Adri